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Don't Make Us Wash Your Mouth Out.

At the CU Soapbox, we encourage healthy discourse, good conversation, and even a little bickering. But we want to make connections, not conniptions. We have good friends and we'd like to make a few more. 

With that said, we ask that as you comment/submit links/submit stories, you remember to: 

  1. Remember your status as a credit union industry professional
  2. Limit harsh profanity 
  3. NEVER assault a person or a company with fraudulent claims or disrespectful language  

If you keep to these rules, you'll never have an issue with the administrators/operators of this website.

If you feel you are being harassed, alert us at once with links/screenshots of your claim and we'll remedy the situation at once. 

If you have any questions regarding services/expectations, email the moderator at