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October 18, 2012

Do They Know It's International Credit Union Day?


by Ron Daly 

Happy International Credit Union Day! The World Council of Credit Unions highlights CUs all around the world today and their work in their communities. Twitter's all abuzz (#ICUDay, if you're interested) and credit union workers and members...are aware? Are excited? Are doing something special? 

I'm not sure. I haven't seen a lot of contact or marketing come my way related to ICU Day. I think it would be cool if there was some action you took today, like opening presents or lighting a candle on certain holidays. But what could it be? Move all your money to a credit union? Go to your nearest CU branch and have a glass of apple cider with the tellers and manager? Play a song? Mail a letter?

Maybe it should be a "push"-style celebration where the CU comes to you in some way. Maybe they mail you a "thank you" card for being a member or call you on the phone and tell you they love you. If there was an exciting, emotional moment attached to this kind of thing, ICU Day would be a day people would get excited about every year. 

Are you creating an ICU touchpoint that's really exceptional? Let us know about it in the comment section. The Credit Union Magazine is also eager to see what you're doing, so check out their ICU Day Facebook Page if you do and post a pic/story for the world to see. 


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